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Thunk Number 1

Is a broken down car parked?




Date Added: 14/03/2007 - 16 Comments


Comment from: megan

the dictionary says a car is parked when you leave the car for a amount of time

Date added: 06/06/2008 19:03:51
Comment from: Mike

Very Good Site

Date added: 10/09/2008 10:28:20
Comment from: Egewdogv

Gloomy tales

Date added: 27/09/2008 19:51:42
Comment from: Ttawlpck

real beauty page

Date added: 28/09/2008 01:59:16
Comment from: Margaret

What if you're sitting in the car on the back of a transporter on the motorway?

Date added: 02/10/2008 11:50:33
Comment from: ADAM

depends where and how it has been left

Date added: 30/01/2009 17:36:35
Comment from: Mr C it as simple as yes and no? is there a...what if...option?

Date added: 05/05/2009 23:00:11
Comment from: Ezrine

Well the dictionary actully says that a car is parked if is is left for a amount of time so it is parked! Haha!

Date added: 11/05/2010 17:10:16
Comment from: Tim


Date added: 29/09/2010 17:58:26
Comment from: Mr P

Comment from: Ezrine
Well the dictionary actully says that a car is parked if is is left for a amount of time so it is parked! Haha!

What if you stay in the car when it is broken down... it is not left nor parked?

Date added: 26/04/2011 16:28:08
Comment from: Blob

If it is neatly in a parking space then yes, otherwise it has been abandoned if the person is not in it.

Date added: 27/03/2012 18:57:39
Comment from: Megan Greet

well its only parked if you drive it in a spot that other cars don't drive past and you leave it there for a couple of mins or so so im gonna say no ;)

Date added: 17/05/2012 21:45:20
Comment from:

they are the same as they are both stationary, empty and locked!!!!!!!!!!

Date added: 19/11/2012 18:18:12
Comment from:

no its not

Date added: 28/09/2013 15:29:02
Comment from: Lily

We'll it depended really this was added a long time ago from now it was 14 years ago!!!

Date added: 03/02/2014 20:54:44
Comment from: y

Actually, you cant count. from that date it was 7 years ago. From today, that post was 10 years ago.

Date added: 01/10/2017 04:38:20

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